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RBS ShowRiders are
JUMPING into sporthorse competition! 

RBS Show Riders

RBS Show Riders
Arabian and Half-Arabian Sport Horse Competition Team
The following is intended as only an outline for getting started showing, the booklet SHOWING 101 is available free from the office. 

Lets Get Started!

Step 1 – Visit a Horse Show – Come for the day and CHEER ON THE TEAM, see some amazing horses, and see what it’s all about!


Step 2 – Volunteer at a Horse Show – Help the Show Riders and learn all about showing! Volunteers are welcome for as little as just 1 day or bunk with the team and stay for the entire show    


Step 3 – Ride in a Horse Show - Experience Showing by Leasing a Show Horse and Riding in Your First Competition (optional, but recommended)

Show Horse Lease – a great introduction, just one class,   just one day

Entry Fee for Either – $30 dressage or $15 performance

Membership Fee - $55

Coaching - $40

Show Horse Lease – $120 (Includes: Clipping, trailering, grooming, braiding, tack, stall, bedding, veterinarian + show boots and jacket may be borrowed, size pending*)


Step 4 – Train Your Horse at a Horse Show – By taking         your horse to the show and practicing, without the       pressure of competition. Dress rehearsals are very   important!

Costs of a Training Show:

Trailering - $80 each way

Stall Rental - $100

Coaching - $40 per day

Hotel – varies


Step 5 – Competing in Your First Horse Show –

Now you’re ready and so is your horse!

Costs of a Competition Show:

Trailering - $80 each way

Stall Rental - $100

Coaching - $40 per day

Hotel – varies

Saddle or Costume Lease - $40 / $50           

Entry Fees - $110 average per day

Membership Fees - $110  per year or $55 for one show

                                                   (Estimated fees 2015)

Show Locations

All shows are rated class A, and are 3 - 4 days each


March: Lake St Louis, MO



April: Lake St Louis, MO -             Location:


May: Springfield, IL



Sept: Springfield, IL

www.                             Location:

To Become An Equestrian

Somewhere behind the athlete you have become:

The coaches who have pushed you.

The people who believed in you.

The long hours of schooling.

The dirt beneath your nails.

The tears you have cried.

The horses you have given your heart to.

It is the little girl who fell in love with a pony and never looked back.

It is being thrown in the dirt, getting up, brushing it off and trying until you succeed.

It is a passion filled with strength, determination, precision and so much more.

This is the definition of a true sport where companionship is the key to success and fear is not an option.