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Charity Horse Shows

Raised $1,190  

RBS hosts charity horse shows. About 5A:  Animal Shelter is a charitable not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide shelter and care for the homeless and abandoned animals of the area. They are a no-kill shelter that provides a haven for these animals until they are adopted by qualified homes. They also stress the importance of neutering animals and stress the abhorrence of cruelty to all animals. 5 A has been in operation for nearly 50 years and provides aid to more than 5000 animals annually. On an average day, they feed over 300 pounds of dog food and this past spring they had 14 litters of kittens.

RBS donated100% of show entry fees to the 5A Animal Shelter. 


RBS Dressage Festivals

 The first Rocky Branch Dressage Festival was held October 18, 2009 our new 20 x 60 meter dressage arena. 

     The Festival  had a large crowd in attendance that cheered as each horse and rider performed their solo routine.      

      The "Everyone's Welcome" dressage class was a success with Paso Finos, Tennessee Walking, and Spotted Saddle horse's competing for prizes.      

     The Festival had 41 rider performances as many riders turned out in beautiful parade decorations with colorful mane and tail ribbons, painted saddle pads, and matching attire. 

     In 2010 Rocky Branch will proudly host two Dressage Festivals. 


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