The Riding Academy  

6 levels, 80 point curicculum, taking you to the next level

The Academy

Rocky Branch offers an unrivaled platform for individuals to progress to the top levels of the equestrian sport. Our program accommodates all riders, whether they are riding for athletic, recreational or social purposes, or are serious students striving to compete and win. The lesson program at Rocky Branch is designed to enable riders to set individual goals and to progress at their own rate. We provide the opportunity to accomplish your goals at any level and the adaptability to cater to your changing objectives. Harmony exists throughout the Rocky Branch community as riders from every level are encouraged to participate in their own programs while at the same time supporting each other with enthusiasm and knowledge sharing. 


Each new rider at Rocky Branch takes an evaluation lesson. This lesson allows us to understand a rider’s goals and skill level and to help design a lesson program suited to that particular rider. Each student is unique and we pride ourselves on helping individual riders develop to the level they seek at a pace they find comfortable.

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Levels of Riding

While some people spend their whole lives enjoying riding as a recreational activity, many decide to become more serious and progress to higher levels. Some riders know right from the start that they want to take the sport to a higher level.


At Rocky Branch, we consider a recreational rider to be one who enjoys spending time around horses and rides in lessons once or twice a week. Rocky Branch provides these riders with a program that allows them to have fun and learn basic safe and correct practices on the ground and in the saddle.


Many people ride as a social or athletic activity or as part of a physical fitness program. This student will own or lease a horse or pony. He/she will be at the barn 4-6 days week improving their skills. Most of these riders, while dedicated, are limited in the amount of time they can spend and the number of shows they can participate in. Training and lesson strategies target success in 5-15 shows annually, with goals focused on local or regional recognition.


A serious equestrian is distinguished from the others by attitude and commitment level to the sport. Even someone new to riding can select this path. These competitors own or lease multiple horses or ponies and understand the value showing as often as possible. They are seriously committed to the equestrian lifestyle, riding several times a day and setting goals to achieve national recognition.


Levels of riding:


Beginner: Horsemanship, riding basics, walk, trot & work cavalletti

Limit: Horsemanship, W/T/ Poles, basic x-rail work, + learning to canter

Novice:  Horsemanship, W/T/C,  jumping  up to approx. 1’

Intermediate: Horsemanship, W/T/C pole & jumping  2’3”

Advanced: Horsemanship, advancing flat work, jumping approx. to  2’6”

academy fees, class times & registration


$40 Evaluation Lesson - one lesson

$180  6 Lesson package. Riders may schedule either one ride or two each week.  Twice a week riders receive a FREE BONUS 7th lesson.


Please note: We kindly ask that lesson and evaluation payments be with cash or check only.

RENEWAL: Riders must renew by the 4th week of the lesson package to reserve their current riding time.

ATTENDANCE CARDS EXPIRATION: Lesson cards are valid for 6 weeks and are nonrefundable or transferrable.

CANCELLATIONS:  To cancel, call or text 618-444-4377 

LATE ARRIVAL:  If you arrive, up to 10 minutes, late to your lesson, your instructor is only obliged to teach you until the scheduled lesson time is over and the lesson fee will not be adjusted. Arrivals after 10 minutes are considered missed. Missed lessons cannot be rescheduled

SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS: Riders cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will be charged  for that scheduled lesson. Missed lessons cannot be rescheduled. 

24 HOUR NOTICE CANCELLATIONS: Given 24 hours notice, riders have the option of making up a missed lesson within their 6 week lesson package. Makeup lessons may not carry over into the next package. Limit 1 per session.

PACKAGE EXTENSION: By giving notice today, for next week’s lesson, your lesson package will be extended by one week. Limit 1 per session.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: In the event of extreme weather, riding lessons may be postponed. Riders will be contacted via text regarding postponed/cancelled lessons and attendance cards will not be charged. Lesson package time extended.

• Equestrian Helmet
• Paddock boots
• Half chaps
• Breeches
• Water bottle

                                      You're welcome to bring one apple to give your horse after your ride!

Registration documents. PDF writeable