Lewis & Clark Community College   

P.E. Riding & Horsemanship Courses 

Adult Horseback Riding Classes, Continuing Edu. non-credit


PHED-134-F6  6:00-10:00pm Tuesday

PHED-134-F7  6:00-10:00pm Wednesday


Introduces horseback riding for enrichment and fitness training. Attention will be given to the development of skills in grooming, horse handling, saddling, bridling, and riding. Note: Students must be in good health and able to participate in moderate physical activity. Students must be physically capable of mounting and dismounting independently. A horse may humanely carry 20% of its weight: the stable horses weigh between 900-1000 lbs. Rider weight limit 185lbs.

Prerequisite: None. 


Classes offered Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters

Helmets and Cowboy boots are available to borrow if you do not have your own.


P. E. Horseback Riding, 2.0 credits
Adult Horseback Riding Classes, Continuing Edu. non-credit


Adult riders both new to horses and those looking to get back in the saddle are welcome in this introductory horseback riding course. Course goals to include, handling safety, grooming, tacking and riding the halt, walk, and trot. The physical and mental rewards of horseback riding are increased core strength, balance and coordination, muscle tone and flexibility, improved cardiovascular health with mental relaxation and stress relief. Ride your horse or ours. Rocky Branch lesson horses are generous, patient and sweet natured. Horse owners may trailer in their horse at no additional charge. Riders are welcome to borrow boots and riding helmets (optional). Class size is limited to 5.